Silico Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zgody 16B Józefin
05-074 Halinów
tel. +48 (0)22 773-89-25
     +48 (0)22 760-44-07
fax. +48 (0)22 773-89-55
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Silico Ltd. is a well established manufacturer of silicone rubber products. Our production covers all known kinds of silicone rubbers in wide range of hardness and colour.

Our modern, sophisticated machinery for processing of the silicone rubber as well as our own tooling department allows to produce any kind of necessary tools for tubing, hose or profiles within shortest possible time. We are ready to deliver almost any kind of extruded silicone rubber within few days. Our experienced engineers and limited bureaucracy caused, that you will be really surprised of the top quality and reasonable prices of our products. After several months of research we developed Bentosil - special rubber - bentonite extruded seals for concrete. Ist swelling of the water and expanding properties causes these as the best bentonite - rubber seals on the market.